A2 Hosting is Faster Than Other Web Hosting Providers in 2020

A2 Hosting is Faster Than Other Web Hosting Providers in 2020

A2 Hosting! I have been using A2 Hosting since last 6 months and I am very satisfied with their hosting service.

And through this post, I am presenting my opinion in front of you as A2 Hosting Reviews.

After doing the research, the results that have come out in front of me, I am placing in front of A2 Hosting Reviews in front of you.

A2 Hosting Reviews for in A2 Hosting has been in the working hosting service since 2001 and has provided many of the fastest server speeds in the last 24 months.

Why We Get The Best A2 Hosting Reviews 2020

Socially Responsible A2 Hosting Reviews

Blazing Fast A2 Hosting Reviews

Their customer support is efficient, and hosting plans are developer-friendly, and they have the only “ever” money-back guarantee.

However, over the last few months, the uptime has slipped a bit. And so renewal rates jump very aggressively after your first purchase period ends.

However, if you want a quick web hosting service at relatively cheap pricing ($ 2.96 / mo) with the power to scale as your website grows, A2 Hosting can be a really good option.

Here is an in-depth investigation of the pros vs. cons of A2 hosting after signing up, paying and putting it to the test.

Would you not like your website to load superfast? Loading up in a moment for your visitors?

Of course, most folks would really like our websites to impress our visitors with quick loading and navigation.

If you’ve got designed an excellent looking website with quality content, then you simply need solid performance for it to draw in the utmost amount of traffic.

This is the place a facilitating supplier like A2Hosting encourages you. The A2 web host has changed the way webmasters check out shared hosting services and even offers amazing speed with shared hosting.

Well, this is often to not say that speed is that the sole criteria on which you identify the choice of your website’s host. there’s no single hosting company which will claim to be the simplest for all webmasters and websites.

Counting on your needs, you’ll find a specific hosting provider to be a far better fit than others.

Hence, it doesn’t always add up to only attend the primary Google search result page for the highest hosting companies to pick one for yourself because there are numerous web hosts like A2 which will just be the right fit the wants of your website.

In this article, we offer you with an honest A2 Hosting Reviews and its features. this may assist you understand whether the A2 hosting provider is that the right fit you.

A2 Hosting Reviews 2020

A2 Hosting Reviews – Our Speed, Your Success

A2 Hosting Company Background

This web hosting company has been around for extended than you’ll think. it had been launched in 2001 as Iniquinet, an internet hosting startup.

The business was based in Ann Arbor , MI. because the startup picked up an honest pace, they changed the company’s name to A2 as a tribute to their base location.

It has always been supportive of the newest technology, which may be a major reason for its ever growing success. for instance , A2 became one among the primary web hosting providers to support PHP5 in 2004.

In 2013, A2 presented Solid State Drive (SSD) facilitating to help its SwiftServer stage. By adopting SSDs for shared hosting also , A2 managed to boost the speed for all other shared hosting providers.

This company then started making use of turbo servers towards the top of 2014 to supply much quicker page load speeds than several other web hosts.

In a nutshell, A2 has grown into a reliable and high-speed web hosting company.

A further validation of its trustworthiness comes from the very fact that A2 has received a rating of “A+” (on a scale of A+ to F, with A+ being the highest) from the higher Business Bureau (BBB).

Ultra-Reliable A2 Hosting Reviews 2020

A2 Hosting Features

Now that you simply know a touch bit about the company’s history and the way it’s evolved, it’s time to require an in-depth check out the varied hosting features offered by A2.

You’ll pay special attention to the features that matter most to you when selecting your ideal web host.

A2 Hosting Performance – Speed and Uptime

Well, one among the prime areas of focus when selecting an internet host should definitely be the uptime of the host.

Regardless of the sort of your website or your business, you’d definitely want your site to be available to your visitors for the overwhelming majority of the time, with as little disruption as possible.

This is where A2 offers you what you want! It claims to supply a 99.9% uptime guarantee and most of the prevailing customers confirm this (if the A2 Hosting Reviews are anything to travel by).

In fact, one among our websites run on this host and it’s been offering 100% uptime for the last six months.

One of the ways in which A2 Hosting Reviews ensures that uptime is maximised, is by taking measures to limit the quantity of individuals on a shared hosting server.

Taking steps to stop overstuffing reduces the demand placed on a server with any spikes in traffic or resource requirement.

This is often further enhanced through caching to store information in people’s browsers in order that they don’t need to pull information from your website whenever they visit, a number of the resources are saved within the browser cache.

Apart from the considerably high uptime, the great part about A2 is that the corporate has been completely transparent about it.

Their server uptime statistics is publicly revealed as they’re being tracked by a third-party, like WebsitePulse.

As far as website performance and speed cares , it’s one among their biggest USP.

A2 loves speed which explains the utilization of SSDs and turbo servers (up to 20x faster) to take care of extremely high page load speeds in the least times.

The SwiftServer platform of A2 also ensures the graceful functioning of your site, regardless of an important traffic load.

A2 Hosting Reviews in Data Centres Storage

Another reason for the solid performance of web sites with A2 hosting is that their data centres are spread across three continents.

A2 has server farms situated in Michigan (USA), Singapore (Asia) and Amsterdam (Europe). You thus get access to the server that’s located closest to your location. This enhances the speed and performance of your site.

These servers are furthermore monitored around the clock. Also, since these servers are exclusively owned by A2, you’ll believe their security.

A2 Hosting Reviews in Security and Backup

A2’s data centres are SSAE16 certified. It involves a gated parking zone with security key entry.

Also, a security key’s required to enter the info centres. The physical security is further enhanced with and video surveillance.

A2 additionally offers a server rewind reinforcement office, which permits you to recuperate information from (programmed) spared account reinforcement depictions.

A2 provides a couple of key security tools, one among which is named HackScan which is a component of their Perpetual Security initiative.

Another is their double web facilitating firewall, supplemented by infection filtering, security observing and an animal power guard component .

These aren’t just optional addons, where you’ve got to line everything up, bolt it on and manage them yourself as you discover with some hosts.

A2 manage these seamlessly within the background for you so can have peace of mind and obtain on with running your site knowing that they’re managing security within the background.

It also uses CloudFlare for several of their hosting packages which features a multitude of performance and security protection elements to assist you deliver content at a quick pace without the fear of malicious threats reaching your site.

You’ll see all the properties of what CloudFare offers on A2’s CloudFare hosting page.

In addition, A2 offers a security solution labelled “Patchman” for all shared SSD accounts and a few HDD servers.

This security tool helps to detect out-of-date software versions, infected files (which is quarantines) then on.

It even assists with fixing any security issues with Drupal, WordPress and Joomla.

A2 Hosting Reviews Customer Support

24/7/365 Guru Crew Support

A2 features a reliable customer support team labelled “Guru Crew Support”.

They’re extremely good because they are doing not outsource their support facility to save lots of money, instead they supply you ‘in-house’ knowledge and expertise.

They have also formed their support team with the simplest professionals who have good technical knowledge.

That’s the rationale why the A2 support team is in a position to not only answer your basic hosting queries with ease, but also ready to answer any advanced technical queries.

If you’re a developer, you’d still receive good support from the A2 support team for trying out advanced features on your site. This is the name of “Guru Crew” is clearly adept for this team!

Their support team is furthermore there for you whenever you would like as they’re available 24×7 and three hundred and sixty five days a year!

You can associate with them through talk, calls, and messages or by basically presenting a ticket! Their reaction time in comparison to other hosts, is impressively quick as they are doing not believe keeping their customer expecting long.

A2 Hosting Reviews in Control Panel

managed wordpress hosting

A2 will suit both the experienced and therefore the newbie webmaster who knows nothing about web hosting. to form matters easy for you, it offers the industry standard instrument panel within the sort of cPanel.

This instrument panel is extremely easy to use, even for first-time users, and you’ll easily navigate through all the weather to manage and control your website completely.

With options like Softaculous, you’ll install WordPress script or scripts of other CMS with just a couple of clicks. you’ll also easily access Joomla, Drupal and lots of other applications from the instrument panel .

It further offers you a handcart for your eCommerce platform, if you’ve got any requirement for this. A2 offers support for a few highly effective eCommerce tools, including PrestaShop and Magenta.

Also, the one-click cart found out functionality doesn’t involve in any complex coding.

If you would like to urge a hosting account with root access, then A2 even allows you to put in open source control panels, like ZPanel, Ajenti and ISPConfig.

There are both managed VPS and Dedicated hosting core packages that provide root access.

A2 Hosting Reviews in Socially Responsible

A2 Hosting Satisfaction Guarantee

Worry-Free A2 Hosting Reviews

A2 offers you a risk-free trial amid an anytime a refund guarantee. you’ll get a hassle-free refund from A2, and if you cancel your account within 30 days, you’ll get a full refund.

You’ll always tell what proportion a corporation believes in their products by what proportion they’re willing to ‘bet their own money on it’ so to talk .

You can even get some pro-rated refunds supported your usage if you cancel your A2 hosting account after the initial 30 days. this is often something you won’t find often in the least with other hosting companies.

In fact, even the SSL certificates that need to be purchased enjoy a seven-day refund cycle from the date of purchase.

Clearly, A2 believes in offering the utmost convenience to you! They believe their products and that they believe you’ll too.

A2 Hosting Various Plans and Pricing

A2 offers a spread which is clear within the sorts of hosting plans that it provides. supported your requirements, you’ll select a hosting plan that suits your needs best.

Below, we undergo the varied A2 hosting plan categories. Before we enter this, let’s be clear that each one discounts mentioned or offered apply to your first term only.

If you select to require out a monthly plan, then your discount is for the primary month only, as this is often your first term.

However, if you’re taking a biennially term, then your discount applies for the primary two years, as this is often the amount of your first term.

Prices after the primary term revert back to plain prices. All prices correct at time of publishing.

A2 Hosting Reviews in Shared Hosting Service

There are both Linux and Windows server bundles accessible for shared facilitating.

All the A2 shared hosting plans offer the subsequent common features:

  • Unlimited RAID 10 storage
  • Unlimited transfer
  • A2 optimised software
  • SSD speed boost
  • Free CloudFare CDN
  • Free site migration by A2
  • The Patchman security tool

WordPress highlights, including coordinated ManageWP account and discretionary WP-CLI (Command Line Interface)

A2 Hosting Reviews Free magazine subscriptions

Easy-To-Use Hosting Solutions

There is little difference between the offering of a Linux and Windows based solution, aside from the Windows packages are slightly costlier , and therefore the cPanel is different counting on which you select.

The A2 Hosting Reviews for A2 Linux Shared Hosting Plans

managed wordpress hosting

The value go for A2’s Linux shared facilitating arrangements is as per the following:


  • $4.90 per month on a 1 Month
  • $4.41 per month on an 12 Months
  • $3.92 per month on a 24 Months


  • $6.37 per month on a 1 Month
  • $5.39 per month on an 12 Months
  • $4.90 per month on a 24 Months


  • $12.25 per month on a 1 Month
  • $10.29 per month on an 12 Months
  • $9.31 per month on a 24 Months

The value extend for A2’s Windows shared facilitating arrangements is as per the following:


  • $6.37 per month on a 1 Month
  • $5.39 per month on an 12 Months
  • $4.90 per month on a 24 Months


  • $7.35 per month on a 1 Month
  • $6.37 per month on an 12 Months
  • $5.88 per month on a 24 Months


  • $12.25 per month on a 1 Month
  • $11.27 per month on an 12 Months
  • $10.78 per month on a 24 Months

The Honest A2 Hosting Reviews For VPS Hosting Plans & Services

If you’re not into the technical stuff, you’ll choose the A2 Managed VPS hosting options or for the A2 Dynamic VPS hosting plans.

With the dynamic VPS plans, you’ll get a totally customisable account, while the Managed VPS plans provide you with full HostGuard management.

VPS hosting is for people who need quite a shared plan offers , but not really to the size of requiring your own dedicated server.

A2 Hosting Reviews for WordPress Managed VPS Hosting Plans

managed wordpress hosting

There are two sorts of Managed VPS Hosting plans available. you’ll choose Managed VPS or Core VPS Managed hosting with Root Access.

Each of those offers three different plans and therefore the price is that the same for either Managed or Core.

The value go for A2’s Managed VPS and Core VPS facilitating arrangements is as per the following:


  • $40.25 per month on a 1 Month
  • $35.63 per month on an 12 Months
  • $32.99 per month on a 24 Months


  • $60.05 per month on a 1 Month
  • $52.13 per month on an 12 Months
  • $46.19 per month on a 24 Months


  • $76.55 per month on a 1 Month
  • $68.63 per month on an 12 Months
  • $65.99 per month on a 24 Months

There are Quarterly and Semi-Annually pricing plans available too, check the A2 site (put in hyperlink) for details of those .

A2 Hosting Reviews in Unmanaged VPS Hosting

The A2 Unmanaged VPS hosting packages start at the costs shown above.

However, each of those packages is configurable and customizable, so it’s pointless to travel into pricing beyond this. it’ll vary counting on how you customize your package.

When you click to configure the VPS package, you’re presented with the subsequent screen where you’ll easily select what you want:

This interactive page allows you to vary the sliding scales, chose your server location, cPanel, Turbo boost and OS requirement. the worth will change accordingly for your customized plan.

4A2 also offers you Flex dedicated server hosting options if you wish control and are excited about developing the instruction.

It further provides Managed flex dedicated server hosting options, if you wish a totally managed hosting solution.

Under the two classifications, three unique plans are offered: Sprint, Exceed and Mach.

A2 Hosting Reviews for Dedicated Unmanaged Hosting Plans

Each of the Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting Plans is customizable. you’ll choose from 8GB up to 32GB RAM, add Turbo Boost also as variety of licence and backup packages which will be added on.

Thus, price will vary again greatly from user to user counting on your personalized configuration and length of term that you simply plan to take.

The beginning cost for A2’s Dedicated Server Unmanaged facilitating arrangements is as per the following:

  • Sprint – Start at $99.59 for the ‘on shelf’ package.
  • Exceed – Start at $165.99 for the ‘on shelf’ package.
  • Mach – Start at $248.99 for the ‘on shelf’ package.

A2 Hosting Reviews in Dedicated Server Managed Hosting

As with the VPS hosting, there are two sorts of Dedicated Server Managed Hosting plans available. you’ll choose Managed Dedicated Server or Core Managed Dedicated Server with Root Access.

Each of those offers three different plans and therefore the price is that the same for either Managed or Core with root access.

Trying to not sound sort of a broken record, but again the pricing can vary widely counting on how you chose to customize your hosting.

There are many ‘froms’ here, you’ll select your RAM, storage and transfer speed requirements also as additional licences and bolt-on products. For the ‘Vanilla – off the rack items’ however, valuing begins at:

8 packages start from $15 monthly for the beginning plan, $20 monthly for the MEDIAN plan and $25 for the ACE plan.

A2 Hosting Reviews for Reseller Hosting Plans

A2 offer a spread of Reseller hosting plans on both Windows and Linux servers.

The value run for A2’s Linux Reseller facilitating arrangements is as per the following:


  • $19.79 per month on a 1 Month
  • $16.49 per month on an 12 Months
  • $13.19 per month on a 36 Months


  • $23.09 per month on a 1 Month
  • $19.79 per month on an 12 Months
  • $18.47 per month on a 36 Months


  • $29.69 per month on a 1 Month
  • $26.39 per month on an 12 Months
  • $24.41 per month on a 36 Months


  • $46.19 per month on a 1 Month
  • $42.89 per month on an 12 Months
  • $40.91 per month on a 36 Months

The value go for A2’s Linux Reseller facilitating arrangements is as per the following:


  • $21.11 per month on a 1 Month
  • $17.81 per month on a 12 Months
  • $14.51 per month on a 36 Months


  • $24.41 per month on a 1 Month
  • $21.11 per month on a 12 Months
  • $19.79 per month on a 36 Months


  • $31.01 per month on a 1 Month
  • $27.71 per month on a 12 Months
  • $25.73 per month on a 36 Months


  • $47.51 per month on a 1 Month
  • $44.21 per month on a 12 Months
  • $42.23 per month on a 36 Months

There are Quarterly and Biennially pricing plans available for all of those packages too. Check the A2 site for details of those .

Top-Notch Developer Software

A2 Hosting Reviews in Developer Features Services

The A2 hosting provider is exclusive because it offers tons for developers also . So, if you’re a programmer or like coding, you’ll enjoy the type of support that A2 offers for various programming languages or tools.

Your A2 account will always be loaded with the present versions of the foremost popular developer software.

For example, A2 was also one among the primary PHP7 hosting providers (apart from the PHP5 one in 2004).

Besides, you get execution tuned databases, as MySQL, nearby a few facilitating structures for Perl, Ruby and Python.

Tools with a Linux based solution:

  • PHP 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1,
  • MySQL 5.6,
  • PostgreSQL 9.4,
  • Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2,
  • PERL 5.10, Apache 2.2,
  • js,
  • FTP / SFTP,
  • Free SSH Access,
  • SSL & Free SSL

This is just a sample of the key tools and languages available to be used within the developer suite for Linux packages as published by A2.

Tools with a Windows based solution:

  • NET 2.x, 3.x & 4.x,
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014,
  • Windows Server 2012,
  • Access Database,
  • MVC 4 or 5,
  • Classic ASP,
  • .NET Core 1.1,
  • Silverlight 4 or 5,
  • FTP / SFTP,
  • SSL & Free SSL,
  • MySQL 5.6,
  • PHP 5.6, 7.0 or 7.1

This is just a sample of the key tools available to be used within the developer suite for Windows packages as published by A2.

A2 Hosting Reviews 2020 in Advantages of A2 Hosting

It provides top speeds thanks to its use of SSDs even for the shared hosting environment. The turbo servers further lift the speed of your site.

It offers comprehensive support for developer features, especially for the adoption of the newest versions of most programming software.

The best thing about A2 is its straightforwardness and trust in its server execution. this permits it to share its server uptime statistics on the official A2 host website.

This straightforwardness is furthermore obvious when it includes checking the expenses.

Instead of having to start out the sales process like tons of hosts, once you click to ascertain full details of an idea there’s a table on the respective page that shows you the pricing for every plan and for every of the payment terms. Nice.

The A2 hosting plans offer tons of quality features for free of charge within the sort of server rewind backup, CloudFare CDN, hack scans then on.

A2 Hosting Reviews 2020 in Disadvantages of A2 Hosting

The only disadvantage one can possibly means for the A2 hosting provider is that the prices of certain plans. you can’t consider them to be cheap hosting plans, on the other hand like tons of things in life, you get what you buy.

The Final Verdict

Very rarely have we encounter an internet host that has something for everyone: a newbie webmaster, a developer, an administrator then on.

You’ll start with A2 hosting at a lower level then eventually proportion as your site requires more resources.

We hope that this text helps you identify if you’ll choose A2’s hosting services for your website.

Does one have any questions or points to feature here? Please be happy to go away your comments below and thanks for reading!

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We strive to be a socially responsible host and that starts with being a Green Host, or what we call FutureServe.

FutureServe is the our initiativet for help protect by environment for our future generations. That starts with our partnership with CarbonFund.org.

They are leading the fight against climate change. Through our partnership that launched back in 2007, we have offered support for their projects such as reforestation.

By being carbon neutral, A2 Hosting also has found it pertinent to add a number of other green-friendly practices in our everyday business activities.

These practices include allowing our employees to telecommute as well as re-using our older hardware.

Our socially responsible hosting also means that we have become involved in the community.

A2 Hosting offers special discounts to non-profit businesses and donating hosting to a number of local non-profit organizations.

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