Hello friends my name is Keshav Raut, I am a blogger, digital marketer.

I started working after my studies and after working for 10 years, I thought that I do something different, so that I can make a different identity in the world.

With the passion of making my own identity in the world, I started searching on Google.

While searching on similar google, I came to know that online money can also be earned from internet. I was not sure after reading that money can also be earned online.

Then I decided that no matter what happens, now I will adopt this method and earn money from it.

I did not remove the details information on Google or YouTube, and finally I saw a video on YouTube that money can be earned by starting an online blog.

Then I started a blog by acquiring a lot of information, but I felt disappointed in that because that was all I had to do to make a blog and write a post.

Seeing this, I got frustrated and thought that what mistakes did I make that I became faill in the blogging field.

Then I came to know that nothing should be done just by creating a blog or writing a post, for that there should be good information about SEO, Keyword Research, Digital Marketing etc. And patience.

Then I spent the whole 1 year learning this,

What is SEO?

What is Digital Marketing?

What is Keyword Research?

For this, I searched video on Youtube and Google, watched many videos and articles and read it when I thought that I have now got enough information.

When I was not pro or perfect but I started from incompleteness and achieved my ultimate goal. As I mentioned, I do blogging in both Hindi and English languages.

After gaining enough knowledge, I started this blog called uBloggingtips.com. And, it is working now because this time I also have knowledge and patience.