6 Smart Ways to Get Backlinks for SEO in 2020 (Link Building)

6 Smart Ways to Get Backlinks for SEO in 2020 (Link Building)

You are struggling to get backlinks or get organic traffic to your website. In this post you will find 100% working strategies that will help you a lot in SEO.

The higher the number of high quality relevant backlinks for your website, the higher the ranking of your site or it will help you to move ahead of your competitors.

  • What is Backlinks in SEO?
  • What is Backlinks?
  • What are Backlinks in SEO?
  • What are Backlinks for SEO?

If you are a new blogger, it is easy to ask such questions. Creating backlinks means that backlinks play a very important role in getting your place in the top 10 pages of Google or in ranking your competitor out.

 What is Backlinks in SEO?

What is Backlinks in SEO? Before understanding this, it is important for you to understand what SEO is. Because if you mean SEO? If you don’t know what it is, you will have a hard time figuring out how to create a backlink.

In this post I will share with you some of my personal methods.

What is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization SEO is the process of optimizing your search engine so that your post gets high ranking in that search engine.

For more information on SEO go to this link: – What is SEO?

There are two main types of SEO.

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO

For more information on On Page SEO go to the following link: – On Page SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO In this post I will share with you my personal method of Off Page SEO. Which work 100%.

In Off Page SEO, you can get high ranking backlinks in your post search engine.

Let’s get started now. What is Backlinks in SEO?

What is Backlinks? Backlinks Backlinks are when you create a hyperlink for your website from another website. Yes, it means straightforward. What is Backlinks in SEO? This is the answer.

  1. Broken Backlinks
  2. Forum Backlinks
  3. Guest Posting Backlinks
  4. Paid Backlinks
  5. Backlinks Exchange
  6. Profile Backlinks

1) Broken Backlinks

Broken Link is one way to get backlinks from friends. This route is a bit time consuming. But the consequences are huge.

Because if you get a Broken Link List of a website, you can’t even imagine. You may not even think that you will get so much link juice for your website.

Now the question is if you can find the list of Broken Link from where you have to find it, to find it you can work here Wikipedia.org

Now another tool you need to know how to find Broken Link on Wikipedia is to go to WikiGrabber (Domain.com) site, type your Anchor Text or Focus Keyword and search.

Now all the Dead Links (Broken Links) on Wikipedia regarding the keyword you typed on WikiGrabber will be displayed. And this is where your work begins. Ahref lets you use Backlink Checker Tools for free. That’s what you want to use.

Copy the Dead Link from Wikipedia one by one, paste it into Ahref Backlink Checker and search All the backlinks created by the website owner for the dead link / URL on Wikipedia will be displayed in front of you. They can be more than 100 or less than a hundred.

Now we have a Broken Link and a list of that Broken Link. Now your next step is to go to every website on that list and get the email from that site owner and contact that site owner and ask them to change your site link by changing the Broken Link on his website.

Before that, check the content on that Broken Link and publish that type of content. You can use WayBack machine for this.

What is Backlinks in SEO? Let’s introduce one of the tools on the way to the Broken Link is Ahref Broken Link Checker. Search the URL of the website you want to create backlinks in Ahref Broken Link checker.

If you are lucky enough to have a Broken Link on that website, ask them to publish the same type of content on your website and change the link of that post there. If the site owner likes your content, there is an 80-90% chance that he will change the link of your site there.

This way you get a Do Follow or No Follow Backlinks for free.

2) Forum Backlinks

What is Backlinks in SEO? Another trick in forum linking is to find a forum similar to your niche in forum linking, create your account on that forum and answer the questions asked on that forum, there you can link to your website.

The links in the answer given on the forum are No Follow. But even if you get your NoFollow backlink from there, it benefits you a lot. Because Asha Forum’s DA / PA [Domain Authority / Page Authority] is high, you get the benefit of that NoFollow backlink for search engine ranking.

Also, you get unlimited traffic from there, which means your website benefits from both sides. That means you get more referral traffic to your site by improving search engine rankings.

3) Guest Posting Backlinks

What is Backlinks in SEO Another trick I am sharing with you is that Guest Posting is the mantra to get backlinks. From where you get your Niche related category- writing a post that matches and publishing it on that site is a guest post.

This improves the ranking of your site and also gets traffic to your site. Now don’t worry about how to find the sites on which guest posts are accepted. How to find it is also mentioned here. You can find the following page on that website: Write to US, Guest Post, or Contact Us. Or you want to post a guest on their site by email.

It depends on your request how you apply the request. If you succeed in pleasing the owner in the application, your post will be published there and you will also get a DoFollow backlink from there.

4) Paid Backlinks

The guest post and the paid link are of course the same, the only difference is that one is free and you have to pay for the other.

What is Backlinks in SEO Guest post is considered an important weapon. If the person in front refuses to accept the free guest post, offer him a Paid link. From my experience, 50-60% of site owners are easily persuaded for a paid link. This is what I have experienced.

5) Backlinks Exchange

What is Backlinks in SEO Formula No. 5 Approach Free Guest Post and Paid Guest Post Approach If a site owner is not listening to you to publish your post, then ask them to do Link Exchange. Website owners who are not listening to Guest Post or Paid Guest Post are more willing to do Link Exchange. .

In Link Exchange, if you link to a website that is related to your Niche and parallel to your Domain Authority, you will definitely succeed. In this, when he gets a backlink from a website with the same DA, there is no question of you refusing.

6) Profile Backlinks

If you work with your smartness in profile backlinks, then profile backlinks are very beneficial for your website. This improves your website’s search engine ranking and gives your website a higher ranking in Google.

If you use your smartness, you can generate high quality DoFollow Backlinks for your posts from Profile backlinks. If you get a DoFollow backlink from a high site, it can be very beneficial for your website.

What is Backlinks in SEO? This was the last formula in the answer to this question but it is up to you how you can use it properly.


What is Backlinks in SEO? The only thing I have tried to cover in this entire post is to get high quality DoFollow Backlinks and get organic traffic to your website.

We have tried to make the most of the backlinks you have created. In this post, I have shared my experience of 5 years with you.

  • What is Backlinks in SEO?
  • What is Backlinks?
  • What are Backlink in SEO?

This is the question I am leaving in front of you, you can give your feedback by writing the answer in the comment box. And share this post as much as you can on Social Media Paltfrom. Thank you.

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